Connecting Point

Connecting Point: May 19, 2024

This Sunday’s feast of Pentecost brings our Easter season to a close. Some refer to the Easter Season as the “Season of the Holy Spirit”, as the first reading of Mass is from the Acts of the Apostles, where we hear of the great things the Holy Spirit performed through the Apostles, and how the Holy Spirit worked in the lives of many as they came to know Jesus.

In John’s Gospel, at the Last Supper, Jesus tells his disciples that he will send the Holy Spirit who will “testify” to him and be our advocate. In other words, the Holy Spirit keeps us focused on Jesus, his mercy and his love; and also walks with us as our advocate so we can keep focussed on Jesus, especially in difficult times or times of challenge.

The Holy Spirit is at work in our lives when we are focused on Jesus. This may be in times of prayer, such as Eucharistic adoration. Times of silence during Mass are honored because it is in silence that we allow the Holy Spirit to do her work inus. The Spirit is also at work when we meet in small groups, such as a prayer group, or when we share our faith with others. The Holy Spirit helps us focus on Jesus during Eucharistic Adoration

The Holy Spirit, as our “Advocate”, walks with us in times of challenge and trouble to help us keep focused on Jesus. I experienced the Holy Spirit as I mourned the death of loved ones, such as my parents and brother. I also experience the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Reconciliation as my sins are forgiven. Like most preachers, I always call on the Holy Spirit to guide me before giving a homily.

Unfortunately, we are not always conscious of the Holy Spirit working in our lives. The Holy Spirit is always at work in us, although we are not always conscious of it. Pentecost helps us to pause and reflect on the many ways the Holy Spirit is working in our lives, and to help us always be aware of the Spirit’s presence.