Connecting Point

Connecting Point: May 26, 2024

Throughout the scriptures, God chooses people to be his own (Noah, Abraham, and David, to name a few), as well as nations (the people of Israel, for example). Later, Jesus, through the disciples, chooses people to be members of His Body. Today, God still chooses people; we are God’s chosen ones.

When we audition for a band or try out for a team, we may or may not be chosen. If we are, we must perform to a certain expectation; otherwise, we will be cut from the roster. By our baptism and confirmation (indeed, even by birth), God has chosen and invited us to be one with him. But how do we respond to this choice? While we do not try out to be on “God’s team,” there is a certain expectation that we live up to our calling as team members. We could reject God outright, in which case we risk being “cut from the team” and condemning ourselves to eternal punishment, but very few people actually do that. Most of us genuinely want to do well and be good human beings.

But as Christians, we know God has chosen us for a purpose. We are called to make the world better, challenged to invite others to the team, and told to follow God’s commands so that we may prosper eternally. The question, then, becomes, “If I am chosen, what do I do to reflect that choice? How am I living differently, demonstrating that I am one of God’s chosen people?”

Perhaps a few examining questions are in order:

  1. Do I see others as God’s chosen ones?
  2. Do I see others as having gifts and talents and encourage them to use those abilities fully?
  3. Do I recognize my own strengths and limitations, living accordingly?
  4. Do I encourage others to do their best?
  5. Do I consider the impact of my actions on the future of my family, my friends, and the world? In other words, does the way I live draw people closer to the Lord?

This week, reflect on why God chose you, in particular, to be a member of his people. What do you think his plan is for you in light of that choice?