Connecting Point

Connecting Point: May 12, 2024

The Ascension marked a major decision point in the lives of Christ’s Disciples. As Jesus was taken up into heaven, they had to decide to face any fears or apprehensions head-on and forge ahead without their fearless team leader by their side. Although Christ shared the groundwork and elements needed for their ongoing Mission to spread the Gospel, the goal has yet to be fully realized.

The entrance antiphon we sing for the celebration of Ascension calls us to focused action: “Men of Galilee, why sit and wonder at the heavens? This Jesus whom you saw ascending into heaven will return as you saw Him go. Alleluia, Alleluia!”

Continuing this Mission with focused action is not Mission: Impossible. With the right tools, determination, tenacity, and faith, we, too, can use our God-given gifts and talents to spread the Gospel. The following list includes specific tools to ponder on our Mission for Christ.

Clear Objective: Draw others to Christ.

Intel: The Devil is constantly hacking away at our plans. He gets into our psyches through the smallest details, even causing us to question ourselves, our worth, and our abilities. Be aware of him and constantly be ready to thwart his efforts to draw us away from our Mission.

Team: Assemble and associate with a trustworthy group of co-workers who have diverse skills and talents. That’s Church! There is power in the Body of Christ!

Equipment (Provisions): Our best nourishment is the celebration of Mass, where we are fed spiritual food for the journey in Word and Sacrament. Through prayer and worship, we gain more acute powers of surveillance and navigation, as well as communication tools to overcome obstacles, including complacency and sin.

Training: Take advantage of opportunities for continuing education to be adequately trained and up-to-date with the latest techniques, mastering specialized skills for sharing the love of Christ in various daily scenarios.

Plan: God calls us to be different things for different people at different times. He gives us what we need. Pray that God’s plan unfolds within you fully as a Disciple Unleashed.

Stealth & Disguise: Never use an in-your-face approach; always maintain a low profile of genuine care and humility, which goes a long way toward furthering the Mission of love.

Timing: Vigilant readiness, awareness, and focused attention are crucial for seizing the moment of opportunity. Strike (gently) in moments of need when vulnerability can work in your favor.

Execution: Do and say everything with love.

Each of us is called to live the Gospel in different ways. Personally, I need the unconditional love of my immediate family to continue my vocation in serving the people of St. Isidore. God has called me to use the gifts and talents he has crafted in me thus far for his glorification and the Sanctification of his people. Revisiting that call periodically is essential in adapting to life’s ever-changing circumstances.

By virtue of our Baptisms, we are all called to our Mission for Christ. May our Mission not be inhibited by what we lack, but enhanced by the power of Christ within us. There is no Mission: Impossible with God.