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How God Uses Our Weakness to His Advantage

I’ve always found this line in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians to be intriguing: “for when I am weak, then I am strong.” At first blush it seems contradictory; but when we realize that God is the Master of the topsy-turvy, it makes sense. God upends our preconceived notions and expectations in order to show us that there is another perspective or aspect that needs to be seen.

In our world and society, the strong, wealthy, and powerful are given preferential treatment while the weak, poor, and insignificant are often tossed aside or ignored. But in God’s view, as evidenced by the ministry of Jesus, those who are on the margins often play pivotal roles in God’s Kingdom. Jesus brings them out of the shadows and makes them the center of attention. This week we heard the story of the healing of the woman with the hemorrhage and the raising of the daughter of Jairus. Both were inconsequential in the eyes of the world. But Jesus used them (as a result of the power of faith) to show how God bestows mercy and makes the weak strong.

In our lives how does God use our weakness to his advantage? In other words, what is God saying to the world through us? Sometimes we do not think of ourselves as agents of the Almighty, but we are. Despite our frailty, God speaks to the world through us, provided that we allow ourselves to exercise our faith. The woman with the hemorrhage had such faith that she was willing to expose herself toridicule and shame by touching Jesus’ cloak. The synagogue official was so concerned for the life of his daughter that he was willing to admit that Jesus was probably the Messiah, contrary to what was being preached at the time. The faith of these two individuals rose above their own weakness and frailty in order to accomplish something good.

This week reflect on your own insignificance and ask the Lord to use you as his instrument. Ask God to help you to see the world through his eyes and his heart. Finally, ask Jesus to make you strong in the midst of your weakness.