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3 Simple Family Activities While the Kids are on Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is the perfect time to create lasting memories with your children. With the break from school, you have the opportunity to engage in activities that are not only fun but also enriching for your family’s faith and connection. Here are three activities (and a bonus one!) to do with your kids while they are home for summer vacation:

1. Nature Walks and Faith Talks

Take advantage of the warm weather by heading outdoors for nature walks. Exploring God’s creation together can be a wonderful way to connect with your kids and introduce them to the beauty of the natural world. Use the walk as an opportunity to talk about how we see God at work in nature. You could talk about the beauty of trees, plants and flowers, and even the cute animals.

2. Crafting with a Purpose

Craft projects are always a hit with kids, and you can add a meaningful twist by incorporating faith-based themes. Crafting together can be both fun and educational while also teaching valuable lessons.

Bible Story Crafts: Choose a favorite Bible story and create a craft project based on it. For instance, you can make a diorama of Noah’s Ark, complete with animals and the rainbow.

Prayer Jars: Create prayer jars where kids can write down their prayers and blessings on colorful slips of paper. These jars can be used daily or weekly as a family prayer activity.

Gratitude Collages: Try Googling images on the web and printing them to create collages that represent things your family is grateful for. Display these collages in your home as a reminder of God’s blessings.

3. Family Service Projects

Teaching your kids the value of service can be incredibly rewarding. Summer is a great time to get involved in community service projects as a family. Here are a few ideas:

Neighborhood Clean-Up: Organize a neighborhood clean-up day or just around your own house. Equip everyone with gloves, trash bags, and a spirit of teamwork. This activity teaches kids the importance of taking care of their environment and also helps you get a little yard work done!

Visits to Nursing Homes: Arrange to visit a local nursing home to spend time with the residents. Your kids can read stories, sing songs, or simply chat with the elderly. This activity fosters empathy and compassion.

Charity Drives: Involve your kids in a charity drive for items like canned food, clothing, or school supplies. We have some of these happening in our Family of Parishes. Rather than just contributing yourself, let the kids help shop and drop the items off.

Bonus Free Activities!

Looking for something fun and free to do?? Consider one of our two upcoming family events that are free and include food and fun activities

Foster Care Family Fun Day this Saturday, July 20

Summer Family Night on Monday, August 5

Summer vacation offers a unique opportunity to bond with your kids through activities that are both enjoyable and spiritually enriching. Whether it’s exploring nature, crafting with a purpose, or participating in service projects, these activities can help you create cherished memories and instill important values in your children. Embrace this time to grow closer as a family and to God.