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3 Ways to Make God a Part of Your Summer Vacation

As summer unfolds in Michigan, the allure of exploration beckons. From serene lakes to sandy shores, from cascading waterfalls to majestic dunes, the wonders of our state await. Amidst your wanderlust, it’s essential to remember that your journey is intertwined with faith. Here are three simple ways to stay connected with God at the forefront while traveling this season:

  1. Attend Local Mass: Seek out nearby churches to partake in Mass. Experiencing worship in unfamiliar surroundings offers a fresh perspective, allowing us to deepen our bond with the divine. Whether in a quaint parish or amidst a bustling tourist hub, joining fellow believers in communion serves as a reminder that your spiritual journey never pauses, even on vacation.
  2. Embrace Wonder and Awe: Amidst nature’s grandeur, embrace a sense of wonder and awe. As you feel small beside the vastness of the great lakes or the towering peaks of mountains, take time to recognize the magnificence of our Creator. Through this lens of humility, you can marvel at God’s greatness yet find spiritual resonance in the beauty of the natural world.
  3. Pray Together: Utilize travel time as an opportunity for collective prayer. Whether it’s reciting the rosary as a family tradition or sharing personal intentions, coming together in prayer fosters a profound sense of unity. Whether on the road, aboard a boat, or soaring through the skies, communal prayer binds us closer to each other and to God, enriching our shared journey.

May this summer be a season of both exploration and spiritual enrichment. May God’s guidance accompany you as you traverse your adventures with family and friends, safeguarding you along your collective pilgrimage.