Road to Emmaus Summary

In coordination with the multi-year National Eucharistic Revival Program, the Disciples Unleashed Eucharistic Revival Team hosted the “Road to Emmaus – Meeting Jesus in the Eucharist” Summit at St. Therese of Lisieux on April13. The Summit features two by Steve Ray, author of “Crossing the Tiber”, creator of “Footprints of God” documentary series, popular radio personality, and international Catholic speaker, and included a delicious dinner.

What an amazing and blessed day it turned out to be! The event drew attendees from over a dozen parishes – a real “One Church” experience. Steve Ray was fantastic. His knowledge and real-world conversion experience are only surpassed by his passion for God and The Catholic Faith. Hearts and mind were undoubtedly affected. When the Holy Spirit decides to descend on an event… stand back… or better yet, lean forward! All glory to God!

Check back often for more spiritual, inspirational, and formative events focused on the Eucharist coming soon to the Disciples Unleased Family of Parishes.