Connecting Point

Connecting Point: June 30, 2024

What in your life do you still wish Jesus would heal? This question strikes at the center of our human nature, touching on the vulnerabilities and yearnings we often carry silently within us. Each of us bears wounds—some visible, others hidden beneath smiles and everyday routines. These wounds may be the result of grief, anxiety, depression, guilt, financial struggles, or unresolved conflicts. When we think about this question, we are invited to deeply reflect on our own lives. We are reminded that Jesus, the healer of souls, stands ready to embrace us in our brokenness. He understands our pain intimately because he endured suffering on the cross.

However, Jesus’ healing goes beyond physical ailments. It encompasses the healing of our hearts, minds, and spirits. It involves the restoration of relationships, the lifting of burdens of guilt, and the peace that is beyond understanding. Jairus and the ill woman, in the Gospel story, approached Jesus in faith. Their example shows us how we should bring our wounds before Jesus. Sometimes our doubts, grudges, unforgiveness, and mistrust get in the way of his healing. Jesus does not meet us with judgment or indifference but compassion and love. He invites us to surrender our pain to him, trusting that he can bring about healing in a way we didn’t expect. However, healing is not always instantaneous or in the way we expect. It requires patience, faith, and openness to God’s timing. Sometimes, healing comes through the support of others—a friend’s listening ear, a counselor’s guidance, a member of the clergy, or a community’s prayers. This is why living as a community in faith is so important. We help and support each other!

As we reflect on what we wish Jesus would heal in our lives, let us also consider how we can be instruments of his healing for others. Perhaps there is someone we know who is silently carrying a burden that could be lightened by our kindness, understanding, or a simple gesture of compassion. May we take comfort in knowing that Jesus walks with us in our pain and desires to bring healing into our lives. Let us approach him with patience and open hearts to remove any obstacle of faith, so our prayers of intercession may fall at the feet of Jesus and his healing grace touch our hearts.